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The U.S. Energy Institute Invites You to Participate in the
National Zero-Net-Energy
Demonstration Program
Homes -- Buildings -- Transportation -- Industry

Program Summary
    Demonstrate Cost-Favorable Zero-Net-Energy Homes & Buildings in each of the
    Nation's 435 Congressional Districts to provide the Technical, Economic, Social
    and Environmental Data needed to enable Zero-Net-Energy Legislation by 2020.

Benefits to Key Program Participants
  Opportunity to enjoy the comfort and savings of a Cost-Favorable Zero-Net-Energy Home, for which
  the total cost to own, operate and maintain the home is actually LESS than a "Code-Built" Home.
  Builders & Contractors: 
  Expand your business while gaining highly valuable experience in the Design, Construction,
  Commissioning and Certification of Zero-Net-Energy Homes & Buildings powered by the sun.
  Architects, Designers & Engineers: 
  Design, Analyze and Certify buildings to True Zero-Net-Energy and/or Passive House design
  standards, two of the world's most aggressive energy-efficiency design protocols.  
  Researchers, Faculty & Students: 
  Collaborate to advance the State-of-the-art of Zero-Net-Energy Homes & Buildings, as well as
  complementary Transportation technologies (e.g., Vehicle-to-Grid or "V2G").

  Product Manufacturers:
  Develop and Field-test new products while helping to create a robust U.S. Manufacturing Industry
  and Commercial Supply Chain for Zero-Net-Energy Homes, Buildings and Transportation Systems.
  Code Officials: 
  Develop Common Review, Permitting, and Inspection procedures for Zero-Net-Energy Buildings.

  Real Estate & Banking: 
  Help Improve the Marketing, Appraisal, and Financing of Ultra-Green Homes & Buildings.

  Sustainable Policy Makers:
  Help inform the Research needed to support the passage of truly Historic Energy Legislation.

Be Sure to attend the Zero-Net-Energy Program Kick-off 
for your City or Region.
Attend Highly Practical One-day Workshops or
 Extended Professional Training & Certification Programs

Be a part of the Zero-Net-Energy Revolution!